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Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. ✌ Adi. 18. Lasallian.
Anjelo Santos' Spoiled Brat -- 010514
"You are my forever and always."six word story (via msbiancake)




I was playing badminton yesterday and all I could think about was this stupid gif.

I’ll freely admit… this is one of the greatest gifs, ever.
"I am the kind of girl who has to be told I love you every day; one who needs to receive a bunch of sweet messages once in a while. I need to be reassured that I am the only girl in your life most of the time; one who needs to be hugged often, to be protected, to be treated as someone special. I am the kind of girl who loves to be clingy — a reason why I need actions instead of words alone. I am the kind of girl who needs to feel loved. Otherwise, I won’t stay."(via escafeism)

Rainy Sunday! ☔

I’d like my page to be active again. Finally, after months of being inactive i still have the excitement of sharing, re-blogging, and updating my blog. 💚 Hope y’all wont unfollow me. ✌ Lovey’all 💋💋

Shoes + bag + sandals + skirt + shirt. Thanks mudrakells! :) <3
Great to see you Lolo! Miss na kita :( wala nang naguuwi ng stuff toys and foodsovey sakin. :( Loveyou
I dont read books. But @jeloy0105 asked me to, so ill try to read this book he lend me a month ago :) #pushmoyanteh

Dem feels when you know that summer vacation is over. I have this mixed feelings right now. Excited + Laziness. :) Sobrang great ng summer vacation ko, ang daming happenings. Palaging wala sa bahay, si boyfriend and friends palaging kasama. Siguro kotang kota nako sa nanay ko dahil palagi nalang ako umuuwi ng gabi/madaling araw. Pero oks lang kasi at the end, happy ako. :) pero may nangyari din na hindi maganda kasi yung dad ng tropa namin namatay tapos yung lolo ko din namatay. Kaya halo halo lang yung happenings. Pero seriously, this is the awesomest summer vacation ever! :) kasi last year nasa AUH kami. Kaya ayern! :)

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